Historically, shipping has played a very vital role in the growth of the United Kingdom and Middle East. With the discovery of oil came the boom in shipping in the Uk and the emergence of United Kingdom as a center of trade and commerce. United Kingdom has played a pivotal role, in the growth of the shipping industry, becoming the commercial, transshipment and re-export hub of the region.

The company’s policy has always been continuous adoptions of newest technology and modification of the system. This brings continued CHANGE PROCESS in our company.

Trans Air Cargo. has developed sophisticated systems these enable personnel to maintain the well established reputations in market, as a QUALITY logistic Partners to the trade & industry and also support in serving Customers with accuracy. Superior quality and first class  services of its business’ class customers world over.


To make a difference in global logistics by excelling in quality service, human capital and creative yet cost effective integrated solutions for our valuable customers.

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